Calverley Parish Church
Serving the community since 1154

The Church can be found engaging with and among children in a variety of contexts because it wants to:

    Work towards every child and young person having a life-enhancing encounter with the Christian faith and the person of Jesus Christ
    Recognise and welcome the capacity of children and young people to transform the Church and the world

Open the Book is an initiative to bring to the next generation the Bible’s great story of God’s love for all people and the good news about Jesus.  Our team visit the two local primary schools to take assembly and act out these great Bible stories - in costume and with props.

We have performed stories from both the Old and the New Testament and we are often enthusiastically assisted by children from the school.

In this way we are able to reach those children who never come to church and help .increase their biblical knowledge.  Also it is great fun for us all!!
In Schools

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